Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Good news and bad news

The good ones first: today, I finally got the rain working the way I wanted it to. Also after working through the whole weekend, the skeleton is actually intact and the game is nearly completable. Just a few things to fix in the ending and we`re set. The cutscene-videos are also now nearly done, only two more cutscenes need their images. I`ve put a couple of screenshots of the slideshow-videos below, just so that you get the idea. Tomorrow, I will make the last two videos and start focusing on the character-animations.

Then the bad news: I had a recording day on sunday and all the days recording are unusable.
For some reason the volume went so low that even after amplifying, the volume level is much too low. Also, the filesize of the game will be pretty huge. Right now, with just the scripted game and one song the complied size of the game is 12mb and if I`m correct, after putting in the .avis and rest of the music (6-7 songs) the filesize will be over 100mb.

Anyway, I will be having a studio-day on friday. That day I will be recording the guitars for the soundtrack for the 2nd time and also Keith`s voice in cutscenes. Voice will be provided by yours truly. The piano-parts of the music will have to wait two-three weeks, so I can forget the estimations of the game being out earlier than predicted. Instead, the end of April still seems pretty accurate. Hopefully so at least.

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