Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day 2


Three sprites are now done, animations need a bit fixing but nevertheless they`re there. The GUI got a new look also and some of the testing with the engine is now done. Below some screenshots of today`s achievements:

Here`s a shot showing the room I`ve been testing the engine with, the main character and inventory. Below are the three characters I`ve drawn so far. From left to right: Rose - A once beautiful bartender, Bulk - A Henchman of evil, little light-minded though and finally Keith Night - our protagonist for the adventure. Man after a murder, money and booze.

Monday, February 26, 2007

First anté

Blog started!

Since this day and post I will update the progress of the AGS adventure-game named After a Shadow, which I am developing for my Bachelor`s Degree. The game will be a short classic adventure in the style of Beneath a Steel Sky and such.

The main point in the project is the games visual and atmospheric side, which I try to make a noír as possible. This is because the my Degree-work main aspect is the study of classic Film Noír`s visual style and how it is used in gameart. So Game Noír it is, hopefully it turns out good.

As for now, I`ve created a couple of rooms already and scratches of the sprites. The music is 50% composed and the storyline is 75% written. The rooms will be created with 3DS Max, whereas the sprites will be hand-drawn using a drawing tablet and photoshop. The timetable for the project is tight, the game should be ready by the end of April so that the literal part of the Degree-project can be completed during this spring.

After things get ready, I will upload screenshots of the game, samples of the music and the written novel used as a story too. Buckle up!