Friday, May 18, 2007

Final verdict

So, I didn`t update this blog in a week as promised but doing that now. In the game was received almost better than I expected, as the score for the game after 7 votes stands now at 7.1. The game was told to be short and easy(which it was) but on the other hands the artistic side of it was liked. The puzzles were told to be good, if easy and the story thin but cool.

So far, I haven`t heard anything bad from the graphics, which is good. The musics got a mixed feedback, where some people loved them and some people hated. I guess that means I managed to make a small impact with the product. The website for AaS and the yet to be announced sequel will be up during June and I think I`ll put the soundtrack there to download.

Yes, the game will be getting a sequel which is now in it`s first production stages. The story and puzzles are now being written as we speak. So far I don`t want to tell anything else about it besides that it will be around 4-5 times longer with a bit more complex puzzles and nearly 20 new locations integrated with all the old ones. As a game of that scale takes a long while to make, I`m guessing the sequel will be out by December 2007, but that is another story to be told.

If you`ve been reading this blog, I thank you and hope that you enjoyed the game. Canardo out!