Thursday, April 19, 2007

The end is nigh...

Hello again,

I`ve been tackling with the beta this week and thanks to the help from my fiance and Jon from adventuregamestudio-forums, the bugs are now pretty much squished. The major problem with the beta was the use of a global modifier which screwed up many things as I changed it. I replaced most of the modifiers with room-mods and particular global-mods and everything seems to be working alright for now.

The musics are now done and embedded to the game itself, making the full product 65mb large(that a little over 40 zipped). Tomorrow I`ll head straight to the studio and make all the cutscenes I have time for and the rest on next Monday. For now, it seems that we`ll see and RC on Tuesday. After that it`s time for the final testing and (drum-roll) Release! I think that I`ll make the non-game material, the DVD-covers and concept art for example, after the release. I think the first amount of prints I`ll get for the game is 10 pcs, with one going to myself, one going to Jon, few going to my relatives and one for the thesis. Perhaps I`ll even send a copy to the kind fellow aiding me with my thesis with sending me Dark Seed II as research-material.

All that and much more next week!

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