Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Coming clean

Yup, the RC1 is now ready. Only things left to do are the main-menu -buttons and fix a couple of .avis that still won`t seem to work, dammit! I decided to put honing the action-animations under the axe, since I`m already running out of time with my other projects keeping me busy besides this. The compiled size of the RC seems to be 102mb, which is pretty much what I estimated it to be. Zipped the file is 52mb large so pretty big game nevertheless.

I`ve now set the official release date to 1.5.2007 which is exactly after a week. The next two days will be seeing the RC2 and the day after the release, the final version should be done. This gives me shivers as I only have three days left to edit the game and I`m not sure how I will manage.

More news tomorrow!

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